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Государственного Комитета Российской Федерации по физической культуре спорту и туризму

Российской Государственной Академии Физической Культуры


Основан в 1925 г.

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Sunik A.B.
- On Culturological analysis of "Renaissance" Category in Olympic Games' Context

Piloyan R.A.
Mistakes of Pierre de Cubertain and His Adherents


Kalinin V.M.
- The problem of Homeostasis in Sports: Acidic and Basic Equilibrium of Blood in Adaptation to Muscle Activity

Novikova N.K., A.M. Kocharov
Physical Training as a Mean of Nonmedicamental Correction of High Arterial Pressure

Gerba Taha Hasan, Al Mohad Abdir Karim
- Effectiveness of Different Drinking Regimes Use for Working Capacity and Rehabilitation Support Young Track and Field Athletes in the Conditions of High Outer Temperature


Ignatyeva V.Ya., I.G. Shestakov
- The Influence of Psychological Orientation to Speed and Accuracy of Throw in Women Handball Plalyers of Different Age and Qualification

Chan-Tsan, B.M. Vasilkovsky
- Changes of Heartbeats' Frequency in Elite Skaters an the Level of Anaerobic Threshold in Different Kinds of Cyclic Activity

Vovk S.I.
- Continuty of Sports Training and the Paradox of Prolonged Intermissions

Yussef ben Hady Grira
- Play Lines of Volleyball Players

Ali-Hasauna Kamal Ermuk
- Purposefulness of Loading in Elite Field-handball Players' Training Microcycle

Yakovlev B.P., S.V. Bogdanova
- Psychological Loading in Sporting Actiivity


To help a coach

Petrov L.N.
Analysis of Judges Composition in Gymnastics Competitions

Bryanchlna E.V.
Jumping Exercises on Soft Support as One of the Ways to Deaden Blow on Foot and General Conditional Training

Smirnov M.R.
- Scientific Basis for the Reiterations' Number of Running Loadings Stretches

Lagoyda V.G.
- The Physical Conditions' Improvement with a Help of Training Machines

To help a manager

Kharchenko E.F., E.A. Dukhovskoy, Yu.M. Bychkov
New Russian Sports Goods: Conversion's Production


SInaysky M.M., A.L. Popov
- The Systematics of Athletes' Competitional Actions by Results' Criteria


Khruschev S.V., T.S. Soboleva
- New View of Old Problems


Kuzin V.V., M.E. Kutepov
- Sports Management and Practice of Sports' Development: Foreign Specialists' Ideas

"TRENER" (coach) - journal in journal

Travyanskaya V.
- Will the "Round-about" Pick up Speed

Fein 1.
- "Prophet" is with Honour Save in his Own Country

Shpiz E.
- Geometry of Wrestling Mat

Nikolov L.
- Boom in Square of Cordage

Gershburg M.
- The Fifth Vertebra



The second issue of our journal opens with the section "Problems of Olympic Movement". The article by A.B. Sunik contains the historical and phylosophic analysis of culturological "Renaissance category" in the context of Olympic Games. The untraditional and controversial view of history and contemporary development of olympism is represented in R.A. Piloyan's article.

"Biological Determinants of Sports Training" section opens with V.M. Kalinin's article, analizing the problem of homeostasis in Sport by the example of acidic and basic equilibrium of blood in adaptation to muscle activity. The use of physical training as a mean of nonmedicamental correction of arterial pressure is shown in the article by N.K. Novikova and A.M. Kocharov. Our Arabian colleagues Garba Taha Hasan and Al Mohad Abdir Karim represent the results of their investigation on the problem of drinking regimes for working capacity and rehabilitation processes' support of young track and field athletes in the conditions of torrid zone.

V.Ya. Ignatyeva and I.G. Shestakov analyze the influence of psychological orientation to speed and accuracy of a throw in women handball players, opening the section "Theory and Methods of Sports Traning". The interesting material about the paradox of prolonged intermissions in sports training is represented by S.I. Vovk. Chan-Tsan and B.M. Vasilkovsky report about the changes of heartbeats' frequency in elite skaters on the level of anaerobic threshold. The purposefulness of loading in elite handball players' training microcycte had become the subject of discussion in the article by AI-Hasauna Kamal Ermuk.

In "Consultations" section we publish the useful practical advices to help a coach and a manager.

M.M. Sinaysky and A.P. Popov aquaints our readers with the new systematics of athletes' competitional activity in the section "Scientific Reports".

"A Reader Reflects, Disputes, Suggests" section represents the article by S.V. Khruschev and T.S. Soboleva dedicated to the problem of women sport in connection with the risk of musculinization for childbirth function.

V.V. Kuzin and M.E. Kutepov inform readers about the foreign spectilists ideas of sports management and practice of sport's development in their material published in the section "Abroad".

The supplement "Trener" ("Coach") represents the information for coaches and about them.

The issue contains the cronicle and advertising information about different sides of scientific affairs in Russia.

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