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Lubysheva L.I.
- Social and Biological in Human Physical Culture through the Aspect of Methodological Analysis

Glotov N.K., A.S. Ignatyev, A.V. Lotonenko
Phylosophic-Culturologic Analysis of Physical Culture

Kostyukov V.V.
- Organizational and Technological Aspects of the Health Improvement Sessions on Sports and Running Plays in Different Aged People


Gilyazitdinov D.M., B.G. Akchurin
- Interconnection of Highest Educational Institution and External Factors of Students' Physical Health Forming

Sedov K.M.
- The Comperative Analysis of Different Approaches to Physical Education of 4-5 Aged boys

Zobkov V.A.
- Psychology of Young Schoolchildren with Different Types of Attitude to Physical Culture

Kabanov Yu.M.
- The Crucial Periods of Static and Dynamic Balance Development in Schoolchildren of 1-11 Forms

Tsypovyaz A.T.
- The Through Knowledge - to Physical Education Teacher

Babushkin G.D.
- The Psychological Mechanisms of the Professional Interest to Sports-Pedagogical Activity Beginning and Forming

Mamychkin F.V., E.A. Zaytsev, V.M. Varnakhin
Some Aspects of Optimization in the Process of Physical Education in Institutions


To help a coach

Bulgakova N.J., V.R. Solomatin, A. Juravik
The Actual Training Effect and Systematization of Special Training Exercises Depending on the Level  of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacities of Elite Swimmers

Sutula V.A., V.G. Alabin, G.G. Hohlov, A.Yu. Nesterenko
- The Cardiac Rhythm in Athletes when Different Physical Loadings Realization

To help a manager

Vinogradov P.A.
- Physical Culture and Sport in T.V. Screen

Karpovsky G.K.
The Method of Objective Evaluation of Teachers' Learning Activity at the Highest Physical Culture Institutions


Donskoy D.D., S.V. Dmitrlyev
The Sense Projecting of Sports Actions (from "model of object" to "model of project"


Polozov A.A.
- Rating-Formula



"TRENER" (coach) - journal in journal

Degtyaryov 1.
- Kepp yourself in Saddl, Coach!

Ramenskaya Т.
- Along the Stage of Maturity

Srebnitsky A.
- Skates - the Family Matter

Dvortsov V.
- Estonian "Meteor"



The first issue of our journal in 1996 opens with the section "Problems of Physical Culture" which is dedicated to the methodological aspects of development in this part of the cultural space. L.I. Lubysheva had made an attempt to analize the social and biological in human physical culture. The phenomenon of physical culture in man is examined from phylosophycal, biological and pedagogical positons. The culturological analysis of physical culture is represented in N.K. Glotov's at at. article. V.V. Kostyukov offers to our readers some new ideas about organizational and technological aspects of health-improvement training when using sports and running plays in different age periods of human life.

The second section of this issue is devoted to the problems of physical education in childhood and youth. The role of outer factors in students' physical health forming is discussed in J.M. Gilyazitdinov's and B.G. Akchurin's material opening this section. The interesting publication is represented by K.M. Sedov, who dedicated his investigation to the problem of 4-5 years of age boys physical education. V.A. Zobkov analyses the younger schoolchildren psychology in connection with their different attitude to physical culture; Other aspects of physical education and the professional training of specialists in this area are reflected in the rest articles published in this section.

In "Consultations" section we publish the articles to help a coach and a manager. N.J. Bulgakova et at. aquaint readers with the new data of research the actual training effect in context of training exercises systematization depending on the aerobic and anaerobic capacities of elite swimmers. P.A. Vinogradov discusses the problem of T.V. propaganda of physical culture and sports. G.K. Karpovsky offers the new method of objective evaluation the educational activity of the higher physical culture institutions teachers on physical culture.

The "Scientific reports" section represents the new work of D.D. Donskoy and S.V. Dmitriyev on the problem of sports actions sense projecting.

"A reader reflects disputes, suggests" section contains the interesting ideas about new rating-formula.

The special materials for coaches are published in Supplement "Trener".

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