Ежемесячный научно-
теоретический журнал

Издается в содружестве с Российским Государственным Университетом Физической Культуры, Спорта и Туризма, Центром спортивной подготовки сборных команд России.

Основан в 1925 г.

© Теория и практика физической культуры

105122 Москва,
Сиреневый б-р, 4.

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V.I. Sivakov, D.V. Sivakov
- Biorhythms as Factor of Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Optimization of Psycho-physiological Condition of Biathlonists in Non Standard Situations of Competitive Activity

S.A. Aytkulov
- Management of Tactical-Technical Training of Athletes in Team Kinds of Sports and Functional Systems Theory

V.I. Pavlova, Ya.V. Latjushin,
N.V. Mamylina
, M.S. Terzi
- Physical Loading in Athletes’ Adaptation and Preventive Measures against Psychophysical Overfatigue

M.V. Gabov, Yu.G. Martemyanov, D.A. Zinkevich
- Influence of Distorting Factors on Elite Wrestlers’ Competitive Activity


T.A. Mikhaylova, L.M. Kravtsova
- Vocational Training of a Future Teacher of Physical Culture During Student Teaching

V.G. Makarenko
- Conflict Training in the System of Professional Competence Formation of a Teacher on Physical Culture and Sports at High School

V. E. Zhabakov
- Study of Pedagogical University Students’ Conceptions about Professional Activity in Field of Physical Culture


N.M. Gorokhov, L.V. Timoshchenko
- Activity Change of Single Enzymes of Blood Serum in Athletes of Various Specialization at Short-Term Physical Loading Performance

Yu.G. Kamskova, A.F. Frolov,
A.I. Avtukhovich, L.P. Schetinkina
- Peculiarities of Adaptive Mechanisms of Young Athletes in Acyclic Kinds of Sports

G.A. Makarova, M.L. Igelnik,
V.V. Besschastnaya
- Methodological Principles of Analysis and Estimation of Physiological Criteria of Functional Condition of Athletes’ Organism


G.A. Danilovsky
- Retrospective Analysis of South Ural Athletes’ Participation in Olympic Games

T.V. Artamonova
- Subjective Culturological Evaluation of Sports Activity of Track and Field Athletes of Various Qualification


Yu.M. Nikolaev
- On Change of Paradigms of Theoretical Knowledge in Field of Physical Culture

N.A. Ushakova
- To Question on Global Sports Classification for Track and Field Athletics


M.A. Kolesnik
- Influence of Programs of Rehabilitation on Smoking Behaviour of Students

S.I. Filimonova, L.V. Novotochina
- Organization of Improvement of Professional Skill of Managers of Physical Culture and Sports Faculties

S.A. Osintsev
- Modelling and Introduction of Pedagogical Technology of Optimization of Training of Young Athletes in Bodybuilding

R.A. Volikov
- Analysis of Structure of Operations of Kickboxers of Different Tactical Style

E.O. Panova, L.D. Nazarenko
- Modelling of Process of Familiarizing of Students to Values of Physical Culture and Sports During Physical Education


10, 14, 16, 19, 25, 32, 36, 39, 48, 55, 58, 67, 74


"TRENER" (coach) - journal in journal

A.V. Aikin, S.K. Poddubniy, M.Yu. Maksimova
- Estimation of Condition of Adaptable Reserves According to Variability of Cardiac Rate at Diving Training in Pool

N. Molchanova, A. Sazonov
- Research of Changes of Cardiac Rate in Freedivers at Swimming with Breath-Holding

T.V. Gavrish, V.N. Volkov
- Clinic-Functional Diagnostics of Latent Respiratory Obstruction in Elite Athletes

I.N. Aleshin, V.V. Rybakov
- Modelling of Year Training in Team Game Kinds of Sports

O.E. Likhachev, V.A. Korshkov
- Management of Physical Loading on Basis of Operative Pedagogical Control on Recreational Sports Games


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