Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev polytechnic institute"

Annotation. The condition of students health is worsening in our country that is caused of difficult economic and ecological conditions of life. The influencing of the factors on development of young organism results to negative consequences in future. There is the necessity the diagnostics of student youth psychophysiological condition and realization the preventive measures of different kinds. The modern level of development the computer engineering creates favorable conditions for decision of the problem.

Key words: computer engineering, physical education, profession, psychophysiology, quality, student, teaching.

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The student's youth is the special social group of our society. The process of preparation to the qualified professional work became the kind of complex and intense activity, that is objectively necessary for the society [3, 4]. The student's age is characterized by intensive work over the persons formation, development of the own behaviours style. This time of search by the young people of the answers on various moral-ethical, aesthetic, scientific, political and other questions.

The student's age is the final stage of psychophysiological and impellent opportunities development. The young people have the large opportunities for the intense educational work at this period. The difficulties of education at Higher educational institutions are connected to necessity creation, learning of knowledges large volume, development of the skills that are necessary for future profession, for practical application of their skills also. These difficulties are obvious. The latent difficulties are existing also, that have an effect over education and psychoemotional condition of the students essentially.

The abilities and inclinations of the students are opened during their education at Higher educational institutions: the most active development of moral and aesthetic qualities, the growing of character and interests stabilization; development of sensory-perceptive and psychomotor functions; the greatest plasticity and switchings in formation of habits; the somatical development is finished and the psychophysical development achieves the optimum level. All this emphasizes, on the one hand, presence of high potential opportunities of students, and on the other hand - the necessity of the maximal realization of these opportunities during education [5, 6, 8]. The large contribution at the acceleration of scientific and technical progress in different areas, which are brought in by the students, is a consequence not only the deep of special knowledges, which they receive at the education in Higher educational institution, but also their preparation to perception of the intense rate of work of high physical and psychological loadings within many years of work [2].

The work capacity undergoes changes under the influencing of the students educational activity, that can be observed within day [7]. The duration, depth and orientation of these changes is defined by:

  • students organisms functional condition to the beginning of work;

  • features of the work;

  • organization of work and other reasons.

Object of the article.

The aim of research - study of the computer programs using opportunity for definition of students psychophysiological characteristics during their education at Higher educational institution.

The analysis of results.

The tendency to growth of losing the reserve opportunities, resistibility of a mans organism to the external and internal negative factors, presence of the negative diagnoses wide list conduct to essential decreasing of education efficiency and further professional activity. The computer programs (Authors: V. Afanasyev, O. Zaezdnij) that provide the estimation of some psychophysiological characteristics of students organism conditions were developed and approved at the time of Physical educational lessons [9, 10]:

1. Computer programme "Numbers' Memory".

The copyright is registered at The State department of the intellectual property 14143 (14.09.2005).

The program is intended for scoping of the short-term memory. The short-term memory is kind of memory, that is characterized by short storage times of the information (up to 30 sec), that is lost by virtue of temporary factors action or through receiption of the new information, and small quantity of the reproduced elements. At the expense of the information units integration that get in short-term memory, the total amount of elements can be increased. The storage of the information in the short-term memory is carried out in the modal-specific form.

2. Computer programme "Running tables".

The copyright is registered at The State department of the intellectual property 14781 (25.11.2005).

The program is intended for researh of attentions vollume. The volume of attention is one of the attensions characteristics, that shows the quantity of perceived subjects or amount of occur actions simultaneously. At the exposition of visual stimulus duration in 0,1 sec volume of attention equivalent to 72 subjects in average.

3. Computer programme "Numerical square".

The copyright is registered at The State department of the intellectual property 14782 (25.11.2005)

The program is intended for definition of attention levels distribution. The attentions distribution is ability to carry out some actions (to hold in the field of sight some objects) simultaneously. The dynamics of any work results in necessity to change objects that a man pays attention constantly. It is expressed in switching attention.

4. Computer programme "Colour square".

The copyright is registered at The State department of the intellectual property 14783 (25.11.2005).

The program is intended for researh of level attentions switching. The switching of attention is the conscious carry of attention from one object on another. Ability of the man to keep at the centre of attention the certain number of diverse objects simultaneously permits to do some actions at once, keeping them in the field of attention. The man is capable to execute only one kind of conscious mental activity as the vital practice shows, and the subjective sensation of the simultaneity performance of the several kinds are obliged to fast consecutive switching from one to another.

Easy switching of attention is explained by physiologically as the moving on cerebral cortex of area with optimum excitation. High mobility of nervous processes as the individual feature of temperament permits to pass from one object to another easily and quickly. If the man has unsufficient mobility of nervous fibres so this transition occurs with effort, hardly and slowly.

5. Computer programme "Reaction".

The copyright is registered at The State department of the intellectual property 18907 (13.12.2006)

The program is intended for definition of the simple reaction's level.The simple reaction is reaction to the known signal. The speed of mans reaction is defined by work of nervous system. The signal passes from receptor to the spinal cord by the nervous fibre and then to the muscle at once; passing by three nerve cells - sensitive neuron, intercalary neuron in the spinal cord and motor neuron. The speed of a nerve pulse by outgrowths of nerve cell is some tens ms [1].


The health of a man is connected to its efficiency and fatigue directly. The success of educational and industrial activity of the student depends from condition of health in many respects.

The physical works efficiency is the basis for increasing of intellectual work efficiency. The influencing of moderate physical loading on students organism results in improvement of parameters the physical and intellectual development.

The regular physical culture and sports lessons assist to training of organism on the whole. They influence on physical qualities training, improve the functional condition of the central nervous system, its plasticity, mobility, force of nervous processes, that influences on intellectual activity of the students and assists to beautiful education as the consequence. The change of intellectual and physical loading assists to optimum course of analytical acts in different zones of the cerebral cortex, which is shown in the increasing of intellectual works efficiency.

The described computer programs have received distribution in activity of Physical Education Department of NTUU "KPI". The using of these programs permits to carry out the operative and objective control of students psychophysiological characteristics during education at institute.

The using of the computer programs permits to keep up individual and group dynamics of impellent qualities development, to bring in corrective amendments to educational process.

The one of the basic in technological chain of educations improvement on the basis of PC application is the pedagogical control, that permits to realize of creative potential of the teachers and student youth by the greater measures, to individualize process of education, to improve the traditional and to introduce the new forms and methods of education. It is especially marked at some articles that concern to creation and using of computer engineering in the pedagogical sphere.

The programs of the psychophysiological characteristics estimation of student youth could be used as the means of the pedagogical control also.

The results of our researches it is possible to consider as the proof of these conclusions. The results of improvement at the test for research of short-term memory volume and at research of attentions distribution of the young men and girls of experimental group had more significant, than improvement of results at the young men and girls of control group (p < 0,05).

The difference between results of the young men of control and experimental group was insignificant on the initial stage of experiment. The young men of experimental group had shown the better results on the final stage of experiment, than the young men of control group. The test for research of short-term memory at 1,8 times better, and at the test for attentions distribution at 1,7 times better.

The changes of control groups girls had more important, than at the girls of experimental group. The results of the short-term memory test testify, that the result at the experimental groups girls at 1,8 times is better, than the control groups girls. In the attentions distribution test the result of experimental groups girls at 1,6 times is better, than at the girls of control group.


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Came to edition 14.10.2008.

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